Rate Card

Minimum Charge$50
10 Second Spot$50
30 Second Spot$60
90 Second Narration$100
120 Second Narration$120
Add music and production to above (up to 2 minutes)$25
Longer narration and E-Learning (no music)

$50 per talent hour in studio/production suite.

Or, $20 per finished minute.
Delivery via email or Cloud N/C
Dub to CD and Delivery via USPS$10 per CD
(Audio is delivered as MP3 or WAV files)

Script Information and Requirements

Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents only and please do NOT use tables in the document.

Font: 16 point Arial with line spacing set to one and a half.

Place each file name in bold type in front of the audio that it will contain.

For E-Learning, it’s best if you provide scripts as one page per file.

Please don’t continue a sentence or paragraph across a page break.

Please do not use numbered lists instead of filenames.

Ensure that your document is formatted to be conducive to a proper read (using paragraphs, bullet points, no parentheses, etc.).

Please note any special instructions in italicized-bold type inside brackets.

Pronunciation guidance must be provided for complex or industry specific words, or unusual names as well as any emotions or inflections that you desire, etc.

If pronunciation guides are not provided, we will do our best to pronounce the words in the script appropriately, but mispronunciations will need to be fixed by the submission of a new order.

By default we pronounce all acronyms as individual letters, if you wish yours to be pronounced as a word you must specify this.

Please specify how numbers should be read (such as 1435. Is it pronounced “One, four, three, five” or “fourteen thirty five?” Is 123.05 pronounced, “one two three point zero five?”

If you want a longer pause in a phrase, use several periods in a row.

Do not use abbreviations or substitute letters for words when you want words said. For example: if you want us to say “that is”, please don’t use i.e. instead, write out “that is”.

If you write i.e., that is what you may get in the read.